All of Campit Is Fully Open Starting Friday June 5, 2020!!

On Monday June 1 Michigan’s Governor lifted the Stay At Home order for the State. So all Tenting Areas, RV sites and are now available! After a way too long Winter and a Spring in lock down we get to enjoy some outdoor recreation. And Campit has always been about outdoor fun so our new COVID tag line is:

Come OUT! Meet OUT! Play OUT! Be OUT!

What Is Now Open – All of Campit’s 32 overnight RV sites, all of Campit’s 15 Sleeper Cabins, 11 Super Sleeper with private baths, 3 Resort Cabins and all of 9 of Campit’s Bunkhouse Rooms are open to Members. In addition Campit’s Pool, BigTop and all 3 Bathouses are now open.

Campit Cares Discounts – All 2019 Campit Members who have lost income that has not been replaced by new sources of income or by unemployment benefits qualify for the Campit Cares Pay-Whatever-You-Can program during May & June. So if you can pay half, please do. If you can’t afford to pay at all just let us know and we’ll accommodate you for free. For Campit Members who still have most of their income, we ask that you pay regular rates to help us offer support to as many financially struggling Campit Members as possible.

Health and Safety – Campit is committed to the health and safety of our Members and all of the communities we belong to, so we will re-open in full compliance with Michigan’s Executive Orders with this Friday being the kickoff of our Phase Two of our re-opening plan as detailed below. But we still need to play safe. And that means that even thought we’re outdoors we need give each other some space. So we’re kicking off the New Space Age at Campit.

The New Space Age at Campit – We’re all tired of words like COVID, pandemic and virus. But we’re still going to need to manage a little differently and to play a little differently. So we’re going to call this the new Space Age at Campit. Here’s some of our Space Age ideas:

Space Age Reservations

You can make your reservations by phone or online. We’ll ask that reservations are pre-paid or, for advance reservations, paid for at least 2 weeks before arrival to make Space Age Check-In possible. Cancel if you need to. Really, if you don’t feel good, or because of allergies or something else are sneezing or coughing, please protect yourself and others. Just call us and cancel. We’ll refund your money or change your reservation to a different date.

Space Age Check-In

Check in will be done from the seat of your vehicle. No need to come in the office. No need to exchange paperwork. We’ll meet you at the gate and escort you to your site. We’ll bring a Campit map, schedule for the weekend and a registration card you can sign and put in our drop box at your convenience.

Space Age Rules of Engagement

We’ll all respect each other’s need for social distancing (aka space).

  • When we approach someone’s camp fire or site, we’ll just ask them if they can make space for us so we can join them.
  • It’s okay to ask for some more space. “I need some more space” is going to be a completely okay thing to say to people who come too close without being invited to do so.
  • We’ll treat facemasks as a symbol or respect for our community. Yeah, their uncomfortable. Yeah, most of us are cuter without them. But we’ll wear masks whenever we can’t appropriately distance and we’ll support others who respect us by wearing masks. Campit will have individually wrapped masks available for $1. And homemade and fun masks are always welcome.
  • We’ll be grown ups about all of this but will do it with the friendliness and good humor that characterize Campit Members.

Space Age Coffee in the Morning

A shared coffee pot and coffee in your own cup is going to be appropriate for a while but we’ll still offer coffee in the mornings. We’ll serve it to you in a disposable cup with lid and it will still be just 50 cents.

Space Age Social Events

We’re still going to party! Space Age parties will come with a big upgrade to music and lights at the Big Top. We’ll do a music and light show every weekend and will have a new layout on the dance floor so that we can distance but still Solo Dance ON the Stars ! As we adapt our events to this new environment we’ll announce them on and Facebook.

Space Age at the Campit Pool

Campit’s pool and pool deck are now open so you can enjoy the heated and chlorine sanitized pool water as long as you give others some space.. You will see that we have removed some of the furniture so that you can spread out and still get some sun. For increased safety consider bringing your own chair to the pool with you.
Space Age Tenting

Campit’s pool and pool deck are now open so you can enjoy the heated and chlorine sanitized pool water as long as you give others some space.. You will see that we have removed some of the furniture so that you can spread out and still get some sun. For increased safety consider brining your own chair to the pool with you.

2020 Events

Campit Resort – Saugatuck is an outdoor resort for all people identifying with the LGBTQ communities, their friends and allies. We are all affirming, with a reputation as a very friendly, welcoming and safe place to relax and play. Campit’s beautifully wooded 33 acre property is located just 10 minutes from Saugatuck and Douglas, the Midwest’s most popular LGBTQ vacation destination and it’s beautiful Lake Michigan beaches. In addition to camping for both tenters and RV’ers, Campit offers a number of lodging choices including 22 Log Cabin rentals, a five bedroom Bunkhouse B&B, and Vintage Trailers. Weekly scheduled events and activities, a large heated pool, clubhouse, and a variety of other amenities provide a many choices for outdoor recreation and meeting great people.

How the largest gay resort in the Midwest is in Michigan’s “Bible belt”

Saugatuck Named one of America’s Best Little Beach Towns by Travel & Leisure Magazine

This former lumber town on the shores of both Lake Michigan and the Kalamazoo River has been a Chicago artist magnet since the 19th century, giving it the nickname the Art Coast of Michigan. Come and sketch the crazy-high sand dunes—the most popular being Mount Baldhead, a calf-burning 282 steps high—or ride the hand-operated chain ferry, the only one of its kind left in North America.

Campit Forever Campaign

In 2019 Campit offered an opportunity to transition Campit Seasonal sites from rental to ownership. Not enough of Campit’s current Seasonal Members subscribed to make the ownership model workable so it has been suspended at this time. We continue to do everything we can to insure that Campit’s great community is sustainable into the indefinite future.

For more information or questions about the Campit Forever Campaign feel free to email