COVID-19 and Campit

Updated March 23. 2020

Campit has postponed its opening until May 1, 2020 for all Members including Campit Seasonals and all Staff.

Michigan’s governor issued a stay at home order today and Campit and Campit Staff will certainly comply with that order. The current order is for 3 weeks. Even if it is lifted in 3 weeks, Campit will not be ready for opening until the staff has had a few more weeks to prepare the resort for opening. As such Campit will remain completely closed until May 1. All reservations before May 1 will be automatically cancelled, cancellation confirmations will be sent by email and refunds will be immediately issued.

Stay safe. Be well. And use your time and technology (including plain old telephones) to stay in touch with the important people in your life and those who may feel lonely and forgotten. If you need suggested topics for these conversations, texts, emails, Facetimes or Facebook exchanges, I of course recommend you talk about vacation planning including future fun at Campit!We are all disappointed and frustrated by what a new virus is doing to both the health of our community and to our financial lives. For any Campit Member who is sick (for any reason), you have our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery – and we hope you stay in touch with us and the rest of your friends and family by phone and by Facebook while you recuperate. For those who are out of work, you have our love and compassion as you struggle through these tough times.

While taking good care of ourselves in the present moment, we should all look confidently to the future. This crisis will pass – we just don’t yet know how soon. But ours is a tough and resilient community. This community has already been challenged by serious disease, disrupting our lives and changing our lifestyle. We learned to adapt by modifying our behavior and together we went on to very good lives. We will do it again. We have many happy fun days ahead of us and we’ll soon enjoy them together.

When we open, we must play defense. Campit will take the following steps to minimize virus transmission at the resort:

  • We will open all camping and lodging facilities on May 1st.
  • All group events and activities are cancelled until May 15. By then we expect to have more information about the transmission risks of public gatherings.
  • Any staff or guest who exhibits coughing or sneezing symptoms will be required to go home with appropriate refunds or pay.
  • Campit is adding a sanitizing regime to its cleaning process so that bathrooms and lodging facilities are as free of germs as is achievable.
  • Campit is adding grocery cart style sanitary wipe dispensers to each of its bathroom facilities so that bathroom users can do as much additional sanitizing as they deem appropriate.
  • Campit will suspend all food service until May 15.

We hope you will decide to come, but Members with reservations for April or May who wish to cancel those reservations may cancel and get fully refunded.

For those who are healthy and need a Saugatuck escape from their homes or the cities they live in, Campit will be offering camping and lodging at discounted prices for Spring stays. We’ll be here for you in our great and healthy out of doors, with air hugs, elbow bumps and all the usual joy and love you have grown to expect at Campit.

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Campit Resort – Saugatuck is an outdoor resort for all people identifying with the LGBTQ communities, their friends and allies. We are all affirming, with a reputation as a very friendly, welcoming and safe place to relax and play. Campit’s beautifully wooded 33 acre property is located just 10 minutes from Saugatuck and Douglas, the Midwest’s most popular LGBTQ vacation destination and it’s beautiful Lake Michigan beaches. In addition to camping for both tenters and RV’ers, Campit offers a number of lodging choices including 22 Log Cabin rentals, a five bedroom Bunkhouse B&B, and Vintage Trailers. Weekly scheduled events and activities, a large heated pool, clubhouse, and a variety of other amenities provide a many choices for outdoor recreation and meeting great people.

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Campit Forever Campaign

In 2019 Campit offered an opportunity to transition Campit Seasonal sites from rental to ownership. Not enough of Campit’s current Seasonal Members subscribed to make the ownership model workable so it has been suspended at this time. We continue to do everything we can to insure that Campit’s great community is sustainable into the indefinite future.

For more information or questions about the Campit Forever Campaign feel free to email