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2020 Campit Event Weekend Previews

Opening Weekend
April 17-19, 2020

Spring Volunteer

Spring Volunteer Weekend
April 24-26, 2020

Caliente Latin Weekend

Caliente Latin Weekend
May 1-3, 2020

More 2020 Events

Campit Resort – Saugatuck is an outdoor resort for all people identifying with the LGBTQ communities, their friends and allies. We are all affirming, with a reputation as a very friendly, welcoming and safe place to relax and play. Campit’s beautifully wooded 33 acre property is located just 10 minutes from Saugatuck and Douglas, the Midwest’s most popular LGBTQ vacation destination and it’s beautiful Lake Michigan beaches. In addition to camping for both tenters and RV’ers, Campit offers a number of lodging choices including 22 Log Cabin rentals, a five bedroom Bunkhouse B&B, and Vintage Trailers. Weekly scheduled events and activities, a large heated pool, clubhouse, and a variety of other amenities provide a many choices for outdoor recreation and meeting great people.

How the largest gay resort in the Midwest is in Michigan’s “Bible belt”

Saugatuck Named one of America’s Best Little Beach Towns by Travel & Leisure Magazine

This former lumber town on the shores of both Lake Michigan and the Kalamazoo River has been a Chicago artist magnet since the 19th century, giving it the nickname the Art Coast of Michigan. Come and sketch the crazy-high sand dunes—the most popular being Mount Baldhead, a calf-burning 282 steps high—or ride the hand-operated chain ferry, the only one of its kind left in North America.

Campit Forever Campaign

2019 is the 20th year that Campit has been owned and managed by Michael and Sally. Campit has never been bigger, stronger or better. It’s time for Michael & Sally to do other things in their lives, including building retirement communities for LGBTQ people in Florida. So Campit is transitioning to a resident-owned community – something we are calling the Campit Forever Campaign because it insures that Campit will continue to be the valued community asset it is today. Campit Seasonals will have the first option to participate and then participation will be offered to all other Campit Members.

As a resident owned community, Campit will be mostly unchanged. Campit will continue to provide fun events every weekend, opportunities to meet the greatest people in our community, tent camping, RV camping, cabin rentals and seasonal site rentals to the whole LGBTQ community just as it has in the past. It will simply be owned and lead by a group of its Members who will be committed to Campit’s continued growth and improvement.

For more information or questions about the Campit Forever Campaign feel free to email