Campit’s LGBTQ Voter Resource Center

Like many thinking humans, I am appalled by the current political environment. I believe that America needs every LGBTQ person and all of their allies to vote in November. You may wish we had more or other choices but we don’t. So casting protest votes or sitting on your hands on election day assumes everyone else will do the right thing. Not a good assumption.
Do your part to make sure the right things happen in November by selecting the best choice among the available options. Campit is now a resource center for its Members to get registered, do early or absentee voting and/or get to the right voting precinct on election day. We’ll also try to make it easy for you to be as well informed a voter as you can be.
So to do your part and make sure your vote counts in this important election just take the following 4 steps:

  1. Confirm your voter registration
  2. Get registered to vote if you aren’t
  3. Consider Early or Absentee voting to make sure your vote gets counted.
  4. Be a well informed voter

Everything you need for the first three steps can be obtained by clicking the state icons below. We’ll continually provide as much information relevant to LGBTQ voters on the candidates and the issues as we can.

Click your State image for Voter Resources specific to your state.







For all other states, please use the links below

First, Please Make Sure You Are Registered!

Register to Vote in your State!

HRC on Trump: //
HRC on Hillary: //
HRC on Local Issues for your state: //